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Here it is, that time of year again when the stress of the tax season sets in. It's always an uncomfortable time for me thinking about Uncle Sam trying to get his hands deeper into my pockets.

Surprisingly, I have found a solution that alleviates a lot of the anxiety for me, a Federal Tax Estimator. Now I know what your thinking, how does estimating tax liability take away the stress of the season. Well, for me the real grunt of the seasons pressure is the unknown, in other words, not knowing what my tax liability is going to be.

What I have found over the last several years is that by using an IRS Tax Estimator to get a relatively close ballpark of where I am financially on my taxes, I can take away the uncertainty. This for me is what causes most of my stress, during the tax season.

By getting my Estimated Tax figure early in the tax season I am able to put the uncertainty behind and focus on how I'm going to pay for any additional taxes I may owe. Knowing I have additional taxes due keeps me from spending money I shouldn't be and allows me to plan out better spending habits in order to come up with the extra cash.

Now on the other hand, if i see i am going to be getting a refund, I can take my time to think about how I will invest it wisely. Or, if I'm thinking I deserve a reward, it gives me time to research a good buy on whatever I plan on purchasing.

Estimate Tax Liability

I have used both of these tools to estimate my tax return on different years and they are a great way to easily get your tax liability estimate. And from my experience, they are very accurate.

The Federal Tax Estimator takes all the unknown and uncertain issues off the board and allows me to focus on the facts, how much I will owe or, better yet, how big my refund will be.

If you find your living uncomfortably not sure where the tax season is going to take you. Try a Tax Estimator to give you the upper hand. Know what you need to know early in the season and start focusing on the task at hand, it works for me!